i have repented

[purely fiction]

"another one Shot In The Dark for me, please.."

that's how I like my drink.
Unfortunately he's not being favoured by others. Unlike Ivy.
Ivy oh Ivy.
I know her. I mean who doesnt? she's part of The Alcohols, you know the very helpful and powerful family in the neighbourhood.
She has quite a few sweet names but I call her Poison Ivy.

Whenever love bids goodbye, people tend to choose her as their bestfriend.
True, she allows you to cry non-stop, you can curse and blame everyone in front of her for the pain and sufferings you have to endure including God..
She even allows you to throw things or beat people..and she will defends you still.
She makes his/her face disappears from your naked eyes
She authorizes you to vomit and collapse without guilt.
She shuts you down from thinking about the jerk.
To simplify, she does what Shot obviously couldnt.
On the surface, she may be a good friend to others..but not to me.

Didnt Poison Ivy tells you that as much as she tells you Sex is the reason why that jerk couldnt stay with you, she's also an ally to Sex..they are known to be sometimes partners, sometimes nemesis..you can never count on both of them. Think about it, when you wakes up to a stranger beside you, isnt it weird how she can never be contacted by anyone the morning after?
Did she also tells you that she can take care of your reality but not your dreams..the moment Dream enters..bringing past love along, what happens to you all alone in the dark? Scary, isnt it.
Hell..do you NOW realize that she didnt care about your fate at all during those times you actually relied upon her for your dear life??

When love bids goodbye to me, I need to stay awake for as long as I can..
I call for Shot.


Enche' Kacak said...

mmmokay. nice post T_T

1 more shot!

The Angelic Sinner said...

sahabat siapakah kamu?