my disorder should be infected to all myspace minors




unless its a fun one.

I almost got struck by lightning because I refused to accept mother's "you look good in that top!" and mother couldnt understand why I couldnt fake my response at least. I ignored her and she ignored me until delicious food unites us back. let's not count on how many times me and my family members have a strained relationship because of it.

and I scored the highest mark again, in a test. strange. I even wondered to myself..did I cheat or something? had my blood turns blue or what? I love my friends but when they praise me, I desperately want to hate them. Being a recipient of compliments is scary. I feel nervous for some unknown reasons and I hate my fake smile. hideous! so please, dont fuglize my face anymore.

exception to the general rule:
self-boasting is still essential to boost my life


iXa said...

u scored the highest in test? i pun mahu juga!

The Angelic Sinner said...

it was pure luck.
u didnt take what im taking now la dear!

ini saya! said...


u scored highest in IP isn't it??

n u tak cakap i pun?


i ada blog baru btw. jemput lah.

The Angelic Sinner said...

told u its not my thing lah
tak reti

wahh welcome back marshmallow!
now u write in BM i nak panggil apa?

Mayda said...

Great work.