hats off to me

I feel OLD when I realize
  1. Im a has-been
  2. I want a baby
  3. I want a toy-boy
1. No elaboration. It hurts my pride to declare that Im no longer in the hall of fame.

2. Me and my friends have this syndrome called "yes-baby-no-husband". It worries me a lot and now it affects my hormones because
  • We want a fat baby and to get one we need a man
  • We need a man but we dont want him as a whole
  • We need his 'ahem' but we are aware that sperm donation is not allowed in any way (sensitive issue nehh)
Alas, we have no choice but to fix ourselves asap.

3. Older men=yes. Same-age men=No. Younger men=YES. I feel good about it but in our world, you will only end up looking older. In order to escape nasty looks and comments in the future, I need to migrate first.



.....and hats off to you. ive always loved the way u write!!!!

The Angelic Sinner said...

and i've always love your personality!
you deserve a special post!

Enche' Kacak said...

"Younger men=YES"

quite hard to find girls who "may" accept younger partner than them. :)

encikmasen said...

settling down?

iXa said...

i'm into having babies without a husband too.