my soon to be married sis +)

Element - cinta tak bersyarat

"Demi nama cinta
Telah kupersembahkan hatiku hanya untukmu
Telah kujaga kejujuran dalam setiap nafasku
Karna demi cinta
Telah kurelakan kecewaku atas ingkarmu
Sebab ku mengerti cinta itu tak mesti memiliki"

dont matter

"please think of yourself for once"

Im sorry B I cant do that
Even you cant do that also kan

I've learnt to treat everyone like butterflies
They can come, kiss and go
Because I do that, too =)

condition of my heart

People will still misunderstand my intention even after I've passed everything I own to them
Until they're happy and satisfied, I cant be

Underneath the cold-blooded Nazrin, there's In
In yang dengar and terima je apa orang cakap
In yang nak sangat jadi selfish tapi tak mampu
In yang nak sangat bising tapi in the end senyap
In yang macam tak kisah kat orang tapi dia kisah sangat
In yang nak stay tapi tau dia kena pergi

particularly right now, I couldnt cry a single tear and that worries me
I feel burdened to appear strong for my close ones
Maybe this is how a child of problematic household grw up to be
Thick on the outside, damaged on the inside

I'll be okay as long as I see my close ones are doing fine :) but please
stop bullying me with your assumptions of how heartless I am and how pitiful you are..

you underestimate the condition of my heart.........


okay, put on a smile starting from NOW =)
p.s: toek la u ni In~

8 years <3

Oh no

Im in love

Oh no

I takut

It took me

8 years

to realize this


It's a foreign feeling...

cruelty knows no boundaries

one year, one month or even one week..

even if it's temporary, I wish it was a real love

so I could reminisce the good times and not feeling any regret about it

but this?

our bond is breaking apart... and im afraid we wont do anything about it.....