one minute memo

Boys and Girls

Let's not remind me of my past

Concerning our times together

How I used to laugh

How I used to care

How I kissed before

How I always picked up the calls

The memories

I gave away what should be given away

That's why you're having my stuffs instead of I'm having yours

I don't remember anymore

And no redeeming yourselves here

dumdum bullet

one of the kids i met passed away
too young, too soon
but who are we to complain?
my brother is mourning
his friends are frozen
i am reminded of death

trivial matters suddenly become important.........................

who should own my aegya(laptop), GD(car) and books..?
i should let someone jot down passwords to all my accounts
i should decide which one of MEs in the internet is the closest to my real self
(yeah im different in each account because you guys cant accept the full package)
would my writings hurt my close ones when they finally read it?
what would they feel on being lied to, betrayed, turned away, ignored..............
who is actually the one I care and don't care about?

Guess I have to start the deleting and saving and editing