one kickass girl

Happy 22nd to dear Riry

I think this is the first time Im wishing someone's birthday here

You're that important ! :)

sigh, im bad at expressing my appreciation knowing you'll read this. later~


you aren't in the game, you're just cheerleaders.

oh my GD


hardworking lonely

committed focused

polite humble

passionate crazy

pretty decisive

disoriented young

loyal omey


wishlist: clone GD as mine.

tarik tali

He declared a game of fairness when I don't want to play games anymore

I used to be frustrated surely


I'm not gonna be frustrated over this

I'm good enough at it.


Why do I act like I have no parents
Why do I act like I have no siblings
Why don't I act like I have parents
Why don't I act like I have siblings

They don't even know facts about me

Jealousy, rivalry and money ruined me
Even when I have none of these

I'm just a confused, doll/ball-like middle-child

Hoping for rakuen