realistic affair

Would you still have love [for me] when you turn 80?

Im drinking and smoking a lot so you know I wont. I'll die soon.

Yeah, you'll die soon surely

That's why Im sticking to him.

Forgetting Alexis

Good singer but Noryn Aziz actually failed in being a good performer
Now I know why, despite powerful vocal she's still not favoured by others
She just couldnt deliver emotions through her songs
And she sings songs that only her and her close ones would know
I almost blurted out "syok sendiri" there~oopss~
I dont care which genre of music pun, if you can deliver to your audiences then you're already worth my money

And I thought she's our Charmaine Clamor...

And Maybankard Visa dah byk kali hina I -- humiliating me like I have no money --

And Im happy to get Max for a night after we did the one shot thingy because I won!

smells like 'J'

Attraction is fatal.
Obsession is addictive.
I wish I could sleep with him.
In the morning I wake up to and for it.
His scent is my nepenthe.

Lady In and her women

My Girlfriends

Forget the vast differences
This fact, Im sure that's what bind us for years :

We're fashionable but selekeh but high maintenance but kering but open-minded but innocent but smart but dumb but naughty but naive.

We're all that and nothing less (deny yourself if you want :p)
  • You wouldnt know which one of us wear Marc Jacobs on daily basis and owns Cavallis in the closet
  • You wouldnt know which one of us do excessive online shopping in one year
  • You wouldnt know which one of us has been there and done that
  • You wouldnt know which one of us has weird fetish over the opposite sex
  • You wouldnt know which one of us knows more than 3 languages
  • You wouldnt know which one of us sings like Yuna
  • You wouldnt know which one of us has a rapeable boyfriend
  • You wouldnt know which one of us thinks she's actually thin (not me, not x, not y - what's up with the fat issue???)
  • You wouldnt know which one of us actually represented Malaysia and came back with victory
  • You wouldnt know which one of us is actually suffering from the worst lucks in life
  • You wouldnt know which one of us travels around the world like its part of her yearly requirement
  • You wouldnt know which one of us is the ultimate genius
  • You wouldnt know which one of us holds the real secret of secrets in Malaysian scenes
  • You wouldnt know which one of us is the best at impersonations
  • You wouldnt know which one of us sleeps on time at all times
Because we are deceiving in nature.
No, because we are too humble in nature.
Maybe because we are naturally hypocrites.

Are ALL rabbits like that?

talking to myself

You're thinking of something
You couldnt take it out and spread 'em into proper words though
You have no clues
But positively you're thinking of something..........

and suddenly your back aches
migraine attacks and you blame flashes of lights from the photocopy machine earlier
your heart beats faster and you're feeling guilty for no reason
you want to yell at chris martin for singing yellow at this hour

you're a troublesome, you know


Kids, there's no fun in acting matured and polite like us

Farid's 13 year old student does graphic designing and serious blogging!
Well, my 15 year old sis has a side career as a model

I matured fast enough and its not fun

What is left for me to do?


My favourite music genius GD is featured in SeungRi's debut single
Someone young like that, you're just jealous if you called him a wannabe

SeungRi - Strong Baby MV



standard procedure in early Jan

Incomplete promises to self in 2008 are forwarded to this year
  • buy all the Vertigo series : Fables (because I am super cool)
  • get out from Malaysia once a year at least (because I am super rich)
  • avoid bad-mouthing those I-know-better people behind their backs (because I am super nice)
  • get my own Comme des Garcons (because I am super stylish)
  • go out with more and more 90's kids (because I am super young)
  • visit the library 3x times more than before (because I am super smart)
  • attend any of my fav music geniuses' show (because I am their super fangirl)
whatever is needed to motivate me, i'll do it