Wear your pajamas

Kiss the wall goodnight

Simple act like that

Is not crazy

It makes you happy =)

Kiss is cold

No butterflies to bother you

Tonight and the past

So I still went out to Lepaq (with company) even though Im supposed to be quarantined =p
Daia and Yambo's invitation was too irresistible ~ and damn, she's awesome ~
Had beef burger without cheese..sigh
Tak guna betul cheese beracun tu..now I cant eat any!

One second request

That's it
Marry me off with a doctor, any doctor !

that acute allergy was a bad, bad joke. its not funny after 3x.

Tagged by I bake, do you?

Anda rasa anda hot?

Isnt it obvious?
Being kinky needs courage and confidence. So hellyeah Im hot.
Haha I think I'll regret this answer.

Upload gambar kegemaran anda.



Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?

1. The only time I will engrave my obsession on my skin

2. Thats just what I want to appear like.

Being uglypretty, excited, pretentious, and bare.

Me. Yeah.

Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?

Before final or time final. leftover given by Daia. seafood pizza I think.

Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?

Viewing other pictures.

Tag 7 orang :

  1. Riry
  2. Ainaa Yasmin
  3. Shila
  4. Ixa
  5. Nona
  6. Haxi
  7. Farid
Siapa nombor 1 kepada anda?

My girlfriend
My confidente
My LAP partner for 3 years
The optimist to my pessimist =)

Siapakah orang nombor 2?

My girlfriend
My shopping and CL partner
The one I whine about boys to =)

Orang nombor 3 ada hubungan dengan sesiapa?

Shila is taken by Amar Ode =)

Bagaimana dengan nombor 4?

I suspect she's with someone
However, still unknown to me =p
Tell me la

Kata sesuatu kepada orang nombor 5?

Nona, Im surprised that you linked me and kept silent about it
Happy that you're happy now
Keep that glow on your face okay =)

Pesanan kepada nombor 6?

You're loud and now I miss that
You're original
I miss you TOO =p

Pendapat anda tentang nombor 7?

Wonderful and very very helpful
Like a Swiss knife and Valium
I depend on her for everything =)

The other me

Remember the girl in other part of the world who is similar to me?
Clone is doing it again
She actually put some pics like the ones I have in mind lately
We dont even communicate to each other !


Someone out there is actually yourself

With more or less talents

And you will realize

Its hard to love yourself

Thats why people preach it

Love Yourself

Love Yourself Before You Love Others

Because its not easy

I hate her

Okay, hate is such a childish word



yg aku pernah marah dan to the extent memaki
Akhirnya menjadi anak murid paling bagus dalam kelas
Dan ya kerana mereka makan saman, aku pun terlebih bias
Im too attached with them

Manakala yang aku biarkan dan exemptkan selama ini
Kerana berfikir mereka sudah berada dalam keadaan selamat
Telah mengincreasekan lemak mereka
Sehingga menguji kesabaran aku
Big possibility that I might explode next week~


Its not easy to handle immature students who think they're all that
They must be Capricorn babies
It's not easy to handle anak ikan who thinks he has me under control just because he knw damn well he's good-looking
It's not easy to handle anak ikans. Period.

And it's hard to handle myself when I knw damn well that I am not a well-mannered teacher!
It's hard to pretend that I know nothing about their antiques when I myself was one of the most problematic students back in my SPM year
But hey the good thing about the situations Im in is that I know how to work my ways and accepting their ways ~
problematic teacher vs problematic students = kickass class!

Ah I guess it happens here too

my milo

This month I'm living the life by questioning my daily routines (with very very silly questions)

What am I doing right now?
Can this be called a life?
Why cant I have fun like the others?
Why must I find money and save it?
How can I meet people and boyfriend if I don't have time?
Can I rest and sleep just for one day..uninterrupted?
When can I beautify myself?

and the very question that bugs me the most is............
Which day of the week should I let go?

As of right now, I hold tuition classes everyday except for Monday, be it for private or charitable purposes.
I am not greedy. I am. I am not. Maybe.

I need to drop one of these classes eventually.
You might say it 'sounds so easy unless you're greedy la'..
You wouldn't understand the bond I have with my anak ikans/adiks/children esp with the unfortunate kids. I am deeply attached up to the point I don't think I can be happy without them.
They're a bunch of pleasant mess +)
The way they appreciate, the way they apologize, the way they do what you had advised are done in many creative ways -- I feel special --

Im in love.

I dont mind anymore
I want to stay so bad
I dont want to let go
I dont mind looking less desirable
They're mine!!
Greed is my sin

modern witch/old-school musician

So I kind of like him

That's why I saved this


I like him

He's sexy and charismatic

On the other hand

She's scary, beautiful, demonic,

gorgeous, captivating and

breathtaking and wow Im speechless..


I think~

white flag!

After months of navigating the ship of education (haha!)

I failed in teaching what would be the most un-challenging class


*Dives into the sea*

--- to meet new anak ikans ?