my milo

This month I'm living the life by questioning my daily routines (with very very silly questions)

What am I doing right now?
Can this be called a life?
Why cant I have fun like the others?
Why must I find money and save it?
How can I meet people and boyfriend if I don't have time?
Can I rest and sleep just for one day..uninterrupted?
When can I beautify myself?

and the very question that bugs me the most is............
Which day of the week should I let go?

As of right now, I hold tuition classes everyday except for Monday, be it for private or charitable purposes.
I am not greedy. I am. I am not. Maybe.

I need to drop one of these classes eventually.
You might say it 'sounds so easy unless you're greedy la'..
You wouldn't understand the bond I have with my anak ikans/adiks/children esp with the unfortunate kids. I am deeply attached up to the point I don't think I can be happy without them.
They're a bunch of pleasant mess +)
The way they appreciate, the way they apologize, the way they do what you had advised are done in many creative ways -- I feel special --

Im in love.

I dont mind anymore
I want to stay so bad
I dont want to let go
I dont mind looking less desirable
They're mine!!
Greed is my sin

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