yg aku pernah marah dan to the extent memaki
Akhirnya menjadi anak murid paling bagus dalam kelas
Dan ya kerana mereka makan saman, aku pun terlebih bias
Im too attached with them

Manakala yang aku biarkan dan exemptkan selama ini
Kerana berfikir mereka sudah berada dalam keadaan selamat
Telah mengincreasekan lemak mereka
Sehingga menguji kesabaran aku
Big possibility that I might explode next week~


Its not easy to handle immature students who think they're all that
They must be Capricorn babies
It's not easy to handle anak ikan who thinks he has me under control just because he knw damn well he's good-looking
It's not easy to handle anak ikans. Period.

And it's hard to handle myself when I knw damn well that I am not a well-mannered teacher!
It's hard to pretend that I know nothing about their antiques when I myself was one of the most problematic students back in my SPM year
But hey the good thing about the situations Im in is that I know how to work my ways and accepting their ways ~
problematic teacher vs problematic students = kickass class!

Ah I guess it happens here too

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angelic_eyes said...

hey, i am capricorn! gotta admit that. it's hard to handle myself. hehe

problematic students v problematic teacher = a kick ass!
okay, thats funny. haha i prefer to have problematic history rather than decent if it means i can learn more.