at least i still remain a girl within the realm of hypocrisy

I feel like bitching.


she's not my friend but a friend of a friend,

she's a fellow blogger,

she's famous and has fans too,

I dont want to gain an official hater..

I will not mention her name.

seriously girl,

blogging in Malay language is fine, in fact I adore that because my skill is confined to bahasa rojak(manglish) only which is nothing to be proud of..

but bitching and cursing and trying to sound similar like the blokes' blogs that we both know while you're looking feminine and demure like that..??

please, it makes me sick. what are you, tranny?

p.s : oh ya, kalau memang kau yang terasa, sukahati makbapak aku la kan? kau pun boleh mengutuk jugak kalau nak.


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