public private dedic

Dedication to TWO girls I used to have conflicts with, but now have kissed and made up!
I love you girls more~

Izzie (dont ask why I named you that hehe, it sounds good)

words are misleading
so when war of tongues occurs, I guess its better to be the silent 'periuk api'
because when you're burned, she's burned too :) fair and square la kan
scrap it off, be happy now!
jom makan molten choc..


i still cant forgive your "i-forgot-to-put-vanilla-essence-in-your-birthday-muffins" (LOL)
but it went right through the heart
so consider the muffins as your immunity idol :)
oh, i cant forgive your emphasis on the fishes liking my feet more than yours too
but hey, such 10minutes joy, consider that as a small gift from me okay?


iXa said...

izzie tu is me?

sounds like me. but...

The Angelic Sinner said...

but what..?

i wrote mainly because of the FS thingy b/w you and old friend
that's all


Izzah Azura said...

betullar i. ...but i'm afraid i might be perasan jer lebih.

thanks to u ein for this dedication :D

hazi said...

babe thanks. Lets go fish spa-ing again and this time around lets bring lux/palmolive with us. I hate the smell btw.