emotionally cheating?

for girls out there

my eyes
my ears
my hands

my face
my lips
my heart
my soul remembers you

even when he forms a smile
in my eyes, you are smiling
even when I hold his hand
i feel your hand

my mind erased you though
my heart emptied you out though
you’ve clearly been erased but
even now it’s still no use

though time is erasing your figure now
and my mind that was filled with you is being emptied

Though I empty my heart
My body remembers you
The memory
The more I erase it,
the more vivid it gets
The memory
The more I hate it,
it comes closer..

Is it breathing inside me
In the dark, when will it close its eyes
But even if I walk forward, its you
Even if I turn around, its you
Even when I’m held in his arms
My body, it only feels you

The memory of you,
Even within the presence of someone near me
when they’re just passing by
I’m still crazy for you because
My body remembers you
..I still remember you

one of my favourite songs.

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