one day regret

Within a month, 3 guys that I know have vanished from Malaysia to different countries
When they left, I didnt bother to even bid farewell to them
balai berlepas KLIA and I dont have chemistry

They will return..surely
No need to miss them that bad like their girlfriends or exes
Plus its an annoyance to see each other

And when one dropped by the house the day before he left, he only talked to my cousins while I trapped myself in the
because WHY? the stupid silly me was too lazy to put on a bra to go out and greet him
Its amazing how we can pulled off an 8 year old lesslove-morehate friendship and how he can tolerate my infamous "stfu-i-dont-feel-like-talking" mode for years..and instead I couldnt even wear a bra and wish safe journey to him at that very moment??curse me.

anyway..anyway I just want to confess that I probably miss him a bit....okay more than a bit..

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