Give me your banana

Music knows no barrier
This year, my soul lives in Seoul/Tokyo..depending on the weather

Interesting facts
  • There is one horny fan of the oh-so-sexy Kim Jaejoong from Dbsk/Tohoshinki who made a video of him with a very dirty song called "Give Me Your Banana" as the background music. It goes like this...

Give me your banana

Let me taste your banana

nyum nyum nyum nyum

Yeah, yeah sure every girls would love to

  • Then the love of my life for this month indirectly introduced me to Sogyumo Acacia Band. They look so proper and far from sounding dirty..but strangely I keep on singing banana song..

  • It bothers me a lot and singing it more will only entrench my reputation as a pervert (which is bad) so I googled 'give me your banana' and found a CF by Olympus (!!)

  • Guess what? It is a song made for Olympus ad and yeah the girl, Yozoh is the singer

Finally the mystery has been solved

  • I love Yozoh and the bands more
  • I find Olympus to be creepy - now I see, Olympus has a fetish for banana and they want yours to be captured by them


iXa said...

miss you
miss your writings!

encikmasen said...

tiap kali buka, posting banana ini seperti memberi satu perasaan yang..