Riry Alert!

Considering that Riry will understand so I titled it with her name =)
Its about my obsession towards foreign songs..

I found Vitas
Vitas is an established Russian tenor singer with (of course) very high-pitched voice..
(why la my bro didnt tell me abt him when he used to study there..)
I suspect he is a vampire..or maybe a devil..
He has this wicked look stuck on his face but blessed with ultra angelic voice

And he shrieks most of the time yet I find it beautiful..
All his songs are haunting and painful and beautiful and sad and interesting and unique and crazy and sweet and sick and all the adjectives exist..
couldnt quite explain it into words..
He's not a human..I believe so
Dan dgn scarynye Im listening to him at 2am ++

He might freak you out if you search for him in youtube so Im offering the best MV for you +) trust me on this one..hehe
  • Vitas - The Star

  • Vitas - Crane's Crying
  • Vitas - Opera#2
  • Vitas - Mama
Do notify me kalau jumpa his cd somewhere

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her name is me said...

yooo yooo...ur taste in music is fantastic..i love everything u listen to..oh i adore the song, altho hell i dont understand a thing..lets just say the song rips my heart..=(