24/7 saturated in passions

Sometimes, particularly right now, I think my passions will kill me
They (like my mind) are TWISTED and CONFUSING and SCATTERED and UNCATEGORISED.
I just couldnt narrow down the scope of my passions and their lifetime(like my relationship) hardly reach its anniversary..yarh!!

  • Music
I dont understand those who listen to one genre of music only and of one language only
I indulge in everything and since my music geniuses are pretty much diversified themselves
So I ended up listening all genres of music
It makes me dizzy
I like silly bubblegum pop then drowsy draggy then emo then hiphop gangsta then electropop trance whatever that they have these days then punk rock then indie folk then brit pop then sappy ballads then nu metal then RnB soul etc
My brain couldnt make distinctions anymore
Now, I listen and I like. I listen and I dislike.
That simple
You dont understand why, neither do I

Featured artiste of the day

I dont understand him from the day I first heard about him
But his stage presence is woah (is he for real!)
His songs sucked me into his world everytime and I still dont understand him
Good thing after 15 years, he's still active bcoz this man gonna be the subject of my research
Perhaps, he's the definition of Mirotic (spell) ?
Here's one of my fav by him. Quite old. Live from Vladivostok.

  • Fashion
Im lazy and poor
I know a great deal of fashion, surprisingly
If I wasnt lazy and poor, most of my cash will be spent on and for fashion
Maybe thats why God put me in this state
I'll not get married until I manage to get and wear the things I want
  • Man
Buang the expected 'well-educated', 'gentle', 'rich', and 'bersih'
I'd go for someone (by sequence)

  2. MANLY
  3. DORKY
  4. COOL
  6. YOUNG (LOL)

I just love pretty features on a man's face. Like having full lips, shaped jawline, smiling eyes. And it'd be more interesting for someone pretty like that is actually manly. I have a thing for gangsta-ish man too! Like rappers. Most of them are family-man and very romantic..awww!!

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