when it fades

...engrave it.

my obsession is always intense.
but subject to cease too.

it was my little sister's idea
and I always wanted to do this once
since he has one on his back too +)
bad bad boy


iXa said...

are u putting off weight! ein am so freakin jealous!!!

The Angelic Sinner said...

i dont think so..kalau ye pun..A BIT je, x smpi 1kg..haha
its not a good condition nway

and YOU are weird, jealous when obviously you're skinnier :P

Linda said...

u diet apa tak ckp dkt i pun??
hey once the sem reopen lets hang out! but no shopping please. okay maybe u can shop if u want, i temankan. but i cant. i'm broke =(

u seem to talk abt weight everywhere!
ur blog, my blog, her blog.
well i guess that's the similarity we hv, fellow obsess-or(?) ;p