My landslide fear

The landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa affected me a lot.
Taman Bukit Mewah.
That is where my ex was.
We have known each other since 98 (10years)

Even though I dont love him as in 'love' even when we were together
I have always love him and his family.
They are really nice people.
And yes I do love hanging out at the house.
Treated it like my own +)

Imagine my reaction to hear the news
The 'heartbeat-stopped' kind of feeling in novels was actually real.
And It wasnt the first time involving him.
The house was on fire once due to shot circuit.
Luckily they didnt sleep throught the night.

So I called with the worst fear intact
and after what could be the longest ringing of my life, he picked up!
Im glad like really glad kott..his parents too..
Later I knew they just moved out from the house as if the future was predicted already
The house is now flat, far to be called a bungalow
He is sad that his neighbours didnt survive in the incident
My condolences are with them.
Do you have anyone that you knew involved in the landslide??


Just because of someone from the past
My heart aches for a moment
It makes me wonder what about the other people I left in the past too?
Do I still care?

"skali bcoz u care td sthg blooms again..hehe" -Chan
"how does it feels talking to an ex after a long time weh?" -farid
2.glad and touched on his side? :P

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