box out the strange self

-=to the wide-eyed audiences & skeletons in my closet=-

I rarely smile at strangers.
When I use my headphones and blend in with the crowds of people
I think I have disappeared

Nonetheless I dont have a problem dancing and making out with strangers.
I want to dance
The music that makes even my own footsteps disappear
Until I can forget the fights with you

Always instantly seeking for privacy when regrets resurface.
When I return to my messy room
In your existence I confirm my loneliness

And back to the usual cold silent self.
Although it would be nice if I could become gentler
For only my sake and not someone else's
I can't feel the pain by myself

I never apologized because they, in real life is just as selfish as I.
That's why it's for you...
I hope I can be stronger, I hope someday I will reach you
I want to give you the same loneliness
That's why I sing this song for you

Im happy in my deluded fairytales and dreams.
Even on mornings I don't want to get up,
I get up for his face
On the sleepless nights I sing the song you gave to me.
Don't make the wrong guess
Because I don't think I'll rely on you
Or anyone or anything

I heard. I know about the plan to talk me into reality.
If there's a song that can be sung for only my sake
And not someone else's
I don't want to remember that kind of thing
That's why it's for you...

Take time, perhaps the crazy one is you?
I'm supposed to be used to this
I can be humble but when Im being misunderstood
I feel like I'll burst

I love you
I want to make you cry
I can try to heal you too
When I want to fly
You always give me a brighter sky

too much that it backfires.
You want to make me cry
You taught me joy by sorrow
When I want to shine
You always give me a darker sky

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