I nod endlessly and I stab soon after

Everybody knows Im not a great law student
I feel like Im only fated to study that and just that
Obviously I dont have the FIRE to argue

I believe Im smart in my own rights
Tensai neh, tensai
not in the Malaysian education system context though
and not through the eyes of snobbish educated Malaysians of course

Often Im being seen as someone dumb
I volunteered myself to appear dumb
Partly because I AM DUMB and partly because its fun +)

Its really interesting to see someone to look down upon you
All this while thinking you know nothing about what they said
Like all the talks relating to politics, history, philosophers and books
They mention complicated Russian-ish names and expect my jaws to drop, completely amazed
There's just so many aspects of life that people thought Im clueless about
Its irritating to see them explaining it to me over and over again but its interesting to see that coming from self-claimed humble individuals
Kafka my ass

As for me, Im not humble, Im just lazy to talk or show it in public
Laziness conquers me like no one else
Aphrodisia too, at times
And when I do boast about it, I tend to become too arrogant
But thats alright, usually it happens when I have to counter-attack an arrogant person

Please teach me about cooking, statistic, preservatives, engines, cancer cells instead

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hazi said...

i tak tau cook...tapi i nak offer baking class okay??huhuhu. oh and mari kita ber fish spa again...cell di kaki sudah banyak yg mati rasanya ni