Shit, I feel so depressed right now

Thanks to this one couple who parted ways because they love each other too much

They never said I love you to each other, they never kissed on the lips

They're just a decent couple for almost a year

I hate their heartbreaking video messages to each others' future partner

I hate all the sayings that actually mean nothing but I LOVE YOU

Sorry in advance to my future husband but I don't think I can ever forget this man and the past we had


She doesn't know this but when things were really hard, I looked at her face..and she has comforted me so many times


He couldn't wake up instantly in the morning so you have to be patient


She cooks well but please don't make her cook all the time


He likes to win so always lose to him but don't make it too obvious


Please work hard for her so she can rest well in the future


He doesn't like to say mushy things so try to understand his messages from the heart


She always appear strong but let her know its okay to cry sometimes

She's a true woman when she's being herself


She's the only and the last person I'd come to this place with and

Lastly make sure she wont come to this place anymore because she will remember me~

I cant remember if I have said things like that to a man before

I have but I don't remember the details or perhaps I refused to

Too bad I didn't keep a copy of the pieces I wrote

Hello~ was it heartbreaking, the last words I said?


I was never the romantic type because I dont do PDA and Im not the I-miss-you-lets-meet-everyday girlfriend, I dont want hugs, flowers or rings (though fine dining, money and clothes are accepted)

However I do want a guy to tell me something that shows he actually notices the littlest and simplest things about me

  • I want to go to strange childish places like the Safari or Planetarium,
  • I want him to buy me Yoko-Yoko when my legs ache from walking with heels for hours,
  • I want him to buy me reference books so I would study diligently,
  • I want him to buy me chocolate or milo when Im moody,
  • I want him to find my lost bracelet even if we have walked 2km farther down the road
  • Tell me that he doesn't mind me reading comics and spazzing over the characters
  • Tell me that he doesn't mind to taste my terrible cookings
  • Tell me that its okay to receive one-day silent treatment every month
  • Tell me that I can wake up late during weekends

BIG sigh

Really, I cant remember the feeling of being loved truly and sincerely by a guy

It seems like it happened a long time ago?

The others seem like they were only using me to at least, feel wanted or appreciated once in their lives +(

Just so you know, I had fun too so Im not blaming you 100%

This is getting pitiful and nonsense, need to stop haha

I'm walking through streets that are dead
Walking, walking with you in my head
My feet are so tired, my brain is so wired
And the clouds are weeping
Did I hear someone tell a lie?
Did I hear someone's distant cry?
I spoke like a child; you destroyed me with a smile
-Lovesick, Bob Dylan

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Linda said...

fine dining, money, clothes works for me as well! and gifts too, as long as it is tasteful. hahahha =D