save me

I did it again and the same feeling resurfaces again.

Im addicted to regrets I think?

Im feeling that time again
The time when I return to my sober state and confirm my loneliness
The time when being horny is meaningless because I am still disturbed
I am afraid to sleep alone lately

And now Im listening to this spooky scary old song by Roy Orbison at 4am.


The night is still the wind is chilled
I hear the rain falling on my window pane
Can't close my eyes, afraid to sleep
Cause when I do I would only dream of you

I'm trying to forget that we ever met
But how can i forget and dream of you?

Afraid to sleep because i'd dream of you
Afraid to sleep because i'd wake up feeling blue
If i stay awake forever,we'd never be together
So i'll close my eyes and go ahead and dream

Sweet dreams
Sweet dreams
Sweer dreams....

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