.meet my husband.

.Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon.
He fits the criteria of my dream husband because
  1. He's NOT handsome, just nyum-nyum :)

2. He looks like he's a masochist which is a BONUS to me and my sadistic mind :)

3. He loves what I love : strange fashion sense and all the pleasures in life :)

4. His styles are random, OTT and so him :)

5. He's young, workaholic, and successful :)

6. He's the youngest out of the 8 most influential men in Korea in 2008,
a fact which his wife can spazz about for a decade!

7. He's filthy RICH by his own effort :)
a former model/rapper and leader of the ever talented Big Bang/composer/producer of YGent/fashion designer. Any percentage that he gets out of MYR 92, 995, 424.54 (Big Bang's rev in 08) is still a lot of money ~yarh~

8. He gives out the bipolar vibes that I dig :)

9. He can spoils me with a closetful of Fendis and Cavallis and Kokosalakis.
Since we're both sexually disoriented in fashion we can happily share CDG, Bernhard Willhelm, Ann-Sofie Back,Chanel,Y,Bikkermbegs and Viv Westwood..ahhhh happiness! :)

10. He loves older woman :)

***extra reasons***

11. He's a music genius after Thom Yorke and Seo Taiji in a whole new dimension :)

Crazy Dog is my personal favourite.
Hot Issue is the best mini album.
The cover of Maroon 5's This Love made me love it more than the original sometimes.
Lies, Last Farewell, Haru Haru, Oh my friend, Heaven, Fool, But I love you girl and Intro (screaming now) are undeniably great songs.

12. Dia poyo tahap dewa yet still lovable :)
What is 'poyo' in english anyway?

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