your duty to me

Say, one day Im appoint yourself as the messenger for me (because there's no way I'd tell these men in my life in person or allow them to read my blog)

My brothers
  • Along - Im proud to have the smartest, funniest and unique bloodbrother. We dont talk a lot since we're so alike, but I dont mind it at all because its the silent understanding that I cherish the most.
  • Luqman -This is scarily cheesy, I really dont know how life would be without you. You're my p.a, bodyguard and bestie 24/7. I depend on you most of the time and yes, Im lost without my younger brother :)
Love my bros including little twin bros as well as bros-in-law :D

My dads
  • Papa :1: - You created me, papa you're awesome! :p I adopt most of your good qualities and perhaps because we're too similar, unknowingly we're against each other-like magnets with the same poles. I never told you this but I enjoy your sense of humour.
  • Papa - From my childhood days until today, you remain my #1 Hero. You're a charismatic man that I look up to and always be proud of. Words failed to describe my appreciation and love.
Thank you for raising this not-so innocent daughter of yours.

My guys
  • Amirul Farez (Bzr) - You're the best guy ever produced by that institution for me :) everytime I think of the time and distance our friendship have to endure for years and how your bongok love had surpassed them, I know I am loved. It helps a lot, so yeah aku syg ko jugak!
  • Shazu - The best friend who always be there during my hard times and whom I rarely return the favour. I dont express much because my guilt conquers me. If I could have my own miraculous ways, yep all the happiness and joys in the world are yours :) somehow you do know how trapped I am, right?
  • Wan (Boy) - My estranged husband(lol), my unofficial boyfriend and my longtime friend. Thank you for accepting the sebaik-baik me and also the seburuk-buruk me. I love you too much that I avoid all the possibilities of goes beyond the unguaranteed love you case you need a confirmation, you're really important in my life.
Im sorry and I love each of you very very much.

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