love sigh

the 2nd phase of our relationship has surfaced I think

  • miscommunication.
  • failure to understand each other.
  • too selfish and argumentative
  • too stubborn to kiss and make up.
  • impossibility of making it work.

I'm disappointed that he's disappointed with me.
He shouldn't reacted like that when I've gone through and about to go through hell just to come up with that decision.
Maybe I'm hoping too much on his understanding and support and love that cant exist at that time.
Cant he just understand that I had sacrificed more than he thot but I dont want to tell him that I made sacrifices because that would mean Im trying to compare with him and thats not any relationship. There's just no easy way in telling your partner to understand what you've done for him.

I'm confused and this is a major turn off.
But I still love this love and him =(