Love and Compassion


"Love and compassion"
these essential elements are leaving me slowly...because these people in my life failed to show what love and compassion is..

The boyfriend is challenging my wants and principles in life
The ex-girlfriend is challenging my patience
The family is testing my endurance

Please hear me out before I leave..

Will you listen to me? Have you forgotten the good deeds people did to you? Everyone deserves forgiveness, who are you not to forgive them? Why cant you admit your mistakes? Why cant you think nicely of others? Can you treat others properly? Why cant you stand up for yourself? Does begging helps you to move on? Why cant you think positively about being single? What am I to you - a puppet? Why cant you support one's beliefs in life? Can you show me what love selflessly means if I hadn't brought it up? Does it soothes your soul for not being truthful to yourself? Will it be better if I leave? Will you give up easily? Can you try to become more mature?

Do you really think I'm being stupid?

Am I willing to risk my life and happiness for the answers?
Yes. I have nothing to lose..people can come and go as they wish and I appreciate each one of them silently. I wouldn't force oil and water together.

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