UBV excerpt

"The dark haired woman lies languidly on her bed, eyes closed, drowning in the darkness of her bedroom. She knew this was wrong—she was being weak and pathetic, and this is not the woman he would have wanted to see. But the fire inside of her was small and nearly burnt out, and she just couldn’t be bothered to feel, to want to feel.

All she wanted was to pretend that all her mistakes—her greatest mistake—did not just come back to haunt her."

- 'the good daughter', Una Bella Vita

when it comes to fantasy and imagination..we're better off with Asians who are non-Malaysians
some of our friends are mad talented and super nice
they feed our ego, increase our preferences, entertain our downfalls and decrease our innocence =p
we inspire one another
a different interesting world after all~

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