Hmm, going through a set back
shouldn’t be easier than speaking of it, should it?
Wait if you understood a little better
Surely a better rain would fall

That's what I was called
And even if I feel lonely sometimes, I’m okay
If only we ride on the answers together
We can fly higher than the clouds

The wheels that won’t turn are lining up before my eyes
I wonder who's the hypocrite who won't step on the accelerator?
What a contradiction

Oh baby wait and see
Sometimes, even pain is good
It's because there's risk
That believing in this means something
It’s impossible not to be lost

Oh baby wait and see
Even though waiting isn't my specialty
It's too soon to start your scolding
Don't believe in things like fortune-telling

Turning to love, there's a shortage on the left side
That's why I need you
Do you intend to protect yourself with that cold attitude?

I want the power to endure what I cannot change
And also to change what I cannot endure

Oh baby wait and see
Even though there's no fun to hurt
It's because there's risk
That we become strong enough to fight
It's impossible not to be afraid

So baby wait and see
There's no wound that can't be healed
I wonder if it's because there's risk
That we hurt the more we love

Would it be easier
To run somewhere far away?
It wouldn’t be
Because I’m me no matter where we are

Don't believe until you see all there is to see...

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