sophisticated retards

forget my innocent and ugly image when you're reading this.
SCRATCH IT OFF, I'm just lazy on most days.
I'm a hot mama.

I have the tendency to befriend those who think like me and my bestie
They indulge in strange fashions and distorted thoughts
They either write mushy, erotic, disturbing, or depressing stories featuring our favorite sexdoll (more abt him later) and they are damn good at it they should have debuted already!

They made me smarter than I was.
They made me happy.
They made me feel normal.

Together we stimulate our fantasies to the maximum even though I don't think there's 'maximum' in that infinite subject..

We're a bunch of sophisticated retards..and we're nice to each other :)

Wow, imagine if we create a secret society for professionals to entertain our insatiable minds.

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