You Know

Remember I was excited about my plan going to Bangkok in November, Farid?
On the 29th , no today Im supposed to be on the plane leaving Malaysia behind to have fun.
Bangkok is Fun!
29th, Rajamangala Stadium - Fun!!
But I ditched the plan for an unknown reason.
Now we know why and Im glad.
The airport is chaotic now eh?
And if I really bought the tix some more..Im gonna be doomed.
When unexplained things happened around you..just accept it.
It is called hikmah, believe it unbelievers!

So I heard it will be postponed to February 7 09
which is a day after my birthday!
Is it wise to be there ?
It could be the best birthday or the most horrible birthday ever

*sigh* you know we arent always lucky in life/death......

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